Objection: 655 Plenty Road, PRESTON

neighbours_d_302_2017_655_plenty_rd objection_d_302_2017_655_plenty_rd_preston plans_d_302_2017_655_plenty_rd Number     D/302/2017 Location     655 Plenty Road PRESTON VIC 3072 Description    Development of a five storey building comprising four (4) apartments, ... [Continue Reading]

Objection: 552-554 and 556-558 Plenty Road PRESTON

plans_d_213_2018_552_plenty_rd_preston neighbours_d_213_2018_552_plenty_rd_preston objection_d_213_2018_552_plenty_rd_preston Number     D/213/2018 Location     552-554 and 556-558 Plenty Road PRESTON VIC 3072 Date         10/04/2018 12:00:00 AM Description ... [Continue Reading]

On Advertising: 27th of July and 3rd of August 2018

Weekly update attached including: D/213/2108  552-558 plenty Rd  Preston  28 apts across 4 storeys. D/306.2016    97-101 Hughes pde reservoir D/673/2017    74 Botha Ave ... [Continue Reading]

Objection: 295-297 Gilbert Road PRESTON

a3_plans_295_297_gilbert_page_3_ground_floor plans_d_843_2017_295_297_gilbert_rd_preston Number     D/843/2017 Location     295-297 Gilbert Road PRESTON VIC 3072 Date        14/11/2017 1:00:00 AM Description     Development of six (6) dwellings ranging from 2 ... [Continue Reading]

Objection: 296 Plenty Road PRESTON

neighbours_d_955_2017_296_plenty_rd plans_d_955_2017_296_plenty_rd Number    D/955/2017 Date        20/12/2017 8:03:22 PM Location     296 Plenty Road PRESTON VIC 3072 Description    Construction of buildings and works in association with a 6-storey mixed-use ... [Continue Reading]

On Advertising: Weekly Update, December 13 2017

The weekly update of "On advertising" Planning Applications is attached highlighting potential over developments coming to your neighbourhood right now and in the near future Re_ Weekly update - On advertising 2017-12-13 ... [Continue Reading]

Objection: 141 Roberts Street NORTHCOTE

Full Details Here: Objection to D_332_2017 141 Roberts Street NORTHCOTE Number     D/332/2017 Location    141 Roberts Street NORTHCOTE VIC 3070 Date        11/05/2017 2:34:35 PM Description     Proposed medium density development comprising the construction of ... [Continue Reading]

Objection: 136 Wood Street PRESTON

See full details here: Objection to D_265_2017 136 Wood Street PRESTON Number D/265/2017 Location 136 Wood Street PRESTON VIC 3072 Date 12/04/2017 12:00:00 AM Description Construction of a medium density development consisting of three (3) dwellings and a shop ... [Continue Reading]

Objection: 2 Bradshaw Street KINGSBURY

See full details here: Objection to D_198_2017 2 Bradshaw Street KINGSBURY Number    D/198/2017 Location    2 Bradshaw Street KINGSBURY VIC 3083 Date        24/03/2017 1:00:00 AM Location    2 Bradshaw Street KINGSBURY VIC 3083 Description    Medium density ... [Continue Reading]

Objection: 1 Grampian Street PRESTON

See full details here: Objection to D_134_2017 1 Grampian Street PRESTON Number D/134/2017 Location 1 Grampian Street PRESTON VIC 3072 Date 8/03/2017 1:00:00 AM Description Construction of medium density development consisting of five (5) dwellings and waiver ... [Continue Reading]