Objection: 655 Plenty Road, PRESTON

neighbours_d_302_2017_655_plenty_rd objection_d_302_2017_655_plenty_rd_preston plans_d_302_2017_655_plenty_rd Number     D/302/2017 Location     655 Plenty Road PRESTON VIC 3072 Description    Development of a five storey building comprising four (4) apartments, ... [Continue Reading]

Objection: 552-554 and 556-558 Plenty Road PRESTON

plans_d_213_2018_552_plenty_rd_preston neighbours_d_213_2018_552_plenty_rd_preston objection_d_213_2018_552_plenty_rd_preston Number     D/213/2018 Location     552-554 and 556-558 Plenty Road PRESTON VIC 3072 Date         10/04/2018 12:00:00 AM Description ... [Continue Reading]

Objection: 295-297 Gilbert Road PRESTON

a3_plans_295_297_gilbert_page_3_ground_floor plans_d_843_2017_295_297_gilbert_rd_preston Number     D/843/2017 Location     295-297 Gilbert Road PRESTON VIC 3072 Date        14/11/2017 1:00:00 AM Description     Development of six (6) dwellings ranging from 2 ... [Continue Reading]

Objection: 296 Plenty Road PRESTON

neighbours_d_955_2017_296_plenty_rd plans_d_955_2017_296_plenty_rd Number    D/955/2017 Date        20/12/2017 8:03:22 PM Location     296 Plenty Road PRESTON VIC 3072 Description    Construction of buildings and works in association with a 6-storey mixed-use ... [Continue Reading]

Objection: 136 Wood Street PRESTON

See full details here: Objection to D_265_2017 136 Wood Street PRESTON Number D/265/2017 Location 136 Wood Street PRESTON VIC 3072 Date 12/04/2017 12:00:00 AM Description Construction of a medium density development consisting of three (3) dwellings and a shop ... [Continue Reading]

Objection: 1 Grampian Street PRESTON

See full details here: Objection to D_134_2017 1 Grampian Street PRESTON Number D/134/2017 Location 1 Grampian Street PRESTON VIC 3072 Date 8/03/2017 1:00:00 AM Description Construction of medium density development consisting of five (5) dwellings and waiver ... [Continue Reading]

Objection: 19 Railway Place West PRESTON

See Full Details Here: Objection to D_769_2016 19 Railway Place West PRESTON Number    D/769/2016 Location    19 Railway Place West PRESTON VIC 3072 Date        16/09/2016 Description    Proposed construction of four dwellings (three storey plus roof decks) and a ... [Continue Reading]

Objection: 3 Harold Street PRESTON

Full Details Here: Objection to D_147_2017 3 Harold Street PRESTON Number    D/147/2017 Location    3 Harold Street PRESTON VIC 3072 Date        7/03/2017 8:05:22 PM Description    A medium density housing development, comprised of the construction of four (4) ... [Continue Reading]

Objection: 6 Josephine Grove PRESTON

See Full Details Here: Objection to D_953_2016 6 Josephine Grove PRESTON Number    D/953/2016 Location    6 Josephine Grove PRESTON VIC 3072 Date        22/11/2016 1:00:00 AM Description     Construct a medium Density housing development comprising of four (4) ... [Continue Reading]

Objection: 107-109 Gower Street PRESTON

See Full Details Here: Objection to D_1088_2016 107-109 Gower Street PRESTON Number          D/1088/2016 Location        107-109 Gower Street PRESTON VIC 3072 Date            28/12/2016 1:00:00 AM Description    Proposed construction of a medium density ... [Continue Reading]