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Meeting Notes: March 14, 2017

Dear DADA Folk, Please find attached the notes from the last DADA meeting for your enjoyment. DADA notes 14032017 final Also, you may be interested in asking questions at council meetings.  You don't even have to be physically present.  You can email your question to; and sit at home and watch it answered on the live feed, review the answer on the archived feed or read the answer in the minutes of the meeting.  It is an excellent way to bring issues to the attention o ... [Continue Reading]

Meeting Notes: 13th February 2017

Please see attached document: DADA notes 14022017 final ... [Continue Reading]

Meeting Notes: 13th December 2016

Please see attached document: 20161213215847_DADA notes 13122016 ... [Continue Reading]

Meeting Notes: 14th February 2017

Please see attached: DADA notes 14022017 final Next Meeting: 7.00pm, Tuesday the 14th of March at 572 Plenty Road, Preston (Corner of Josephine Grove). ... [Continue Reading]

Meeting Notes: 8th November 2016

Dear DADA Folk, We had our first AGM last night but spent much more time discussing the things that really matter. The notes are attached. Happy reading. Cheers, Maria DADA DADA notes 08112016 ... [Continue Reading]

DADA News & Campaigns

Council Decision on Preston Market and Penola Street Development Proposals

Dear DADA folk, A fantastic decision at the Darebin Council meeting last night to refuse unanimously both planning applications for Stage 1B and 1C of the Preston Market redevelopment and the ... [Continue Reading]

Save our Preston Market

This is a photograph is of what the market precinct will look like if stages 1B and 1C go ahead.  It will never be the same again. Please help us save it.     ... [Continue Reading]

Save our Preston Market

The following flyer was designed by Jo Shaw.  Thank you Jo for sharing. She has said we are welcome to use it. Posted here in a number of formats to make it easy for you to print and letterbox, ... [Continue Reading]