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On Advertising: Weekly lists for 9th to 29th of March 2019

If you are looking for details of an overdevelopment at a site near you check the lists below.  If you would like help to complete an objection form contact DADA via our contact page on this ... [Continue Reading]

On Advertising: 22nd of Feb and 1st of March 2019

Check to see if there are over-developments planned for your neighbourhood. Contact DADA if you would like help with objecting to over-developments. DAREBIN_overdevelopments_on_advertising_2019_02_22 DAREBIN_overdevelopments_on_advertising_2019_03_01 ... [Continue Reading]

On Advertising: Over-developments advertised in the weeks of the 7th and 15th of Feb, 2019

If you would like help with objecting to an over-development please contact DADA via this website. DAREBIN_overdevelopments_on_advertising_2018_02_07 DAREBIN_overdevelopments_on_advertising_2019_02_15 ... [Continue Reading]

What Doesn’t Work, Why?

... [Continue Reading]

On Advertising: Weekly Lists for January 25th and February 1st, 2019

Check the attached document to see if there are over- developments planned for your neighbourhood. Contact DADA for help if with objecting to an over-development. DAREBIN_PLANNING_on_advertising_2019_01_25 DAREBIN_overdevelopments_on_advertising_2019_02_01 ... [Continue Reading]

DADA Meeting Notes

DADA Meeting Notes: 11th of December 2018

Please find the latest meeting notes for our meeting of 11 December here: Darebin Appropriate Meeting Notes 121218 The next meeting is planned for Tuesday the 12th of February. Please come along if you would like some help with a planning issue in Darebin. ... [Continue Reading]

Meeting notes 16 October 2018

Please find the latest meeting notes for our meeting of 16 October here:DADA Meeting notes 161018 ... [Continue Reading]

Meeting notes 11 September 2018

Please find here the meeting notes of our meeting on 11 September 2018DADA Meeting Notes 110918 ... [Continue Reading]

Meeting notes from 14 August 2018

Please find meeting notes here from our last meeting on 14 August 2018.DADA Meeting notes 140818 ... [Continue Reading]

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Heritage Council of Victoria: The Executive Director’s Recommendation

We should have posted these earlier so that you can read what the Executive Director recommended. ED RECOMMENDATION - PRESTON MARKET - NOT INCLUDE - FINAL ... [Continue Reading]

Darebin Council refuse to support DADA’s application for Heritage listing for Preston Market (17/12/2018)

Here we are again, the night before Christmas and Darebin Council are making critical decisions about Preston Market.  At the Darebin Council Meeting last night despite submissions from DADA, Save our ... [Continue Reading]

Heritage Listing for Preston Market: Submission Details Update

Did you know that Preston Market could be heritage listed? DADA has triggered a Heritage Council hearing to present more information on the significance of the market to the state. You can help ... [Continue Reading]