PRESTON MARKET: Heritage Council Victoria Registration Hearing

Chris Erlandsen and I, together, have written over 20 thousand words for the heritage application for Preston Market. A big thanks to those of you who added to this with your personal submissions in support.  No thanks to Darebin Council, excluding Councillor ... [Continue Reading]

What Doesn’t Work, Why?

... [Continue Reading]

What Works, Why?

Borneo Sporenburg in Amsterdam where high density doesn't mean high rise. The buildings are unique and built by different owners/developers, St Killda Junction, where high rise is not just grey and white. The cantilevered floors break up sheer visual mass.  ... [Continue Reading]

Heritage Council of Victoria: The Executive Director’s Recommendation

We should have posted these earlier so that you can read what the Executive Director recommended. ED RECOMMENDATION - PRESTON MARKET - NOT INCLUDE - FINAL ... [Continue Reading]

Darebin Car Parking Strategy

Car parking access has long been an issue in over-development applications in Darebin.  Here is a chance to influence a new parking strategy for Darebin.  Follow the link to complete the survey. Re: Car parking strategy for Darebin Council is currently developing ... [Continue Reading]

Darebin Council refuse to support DADA’s application for Heritage listing for Preston Market (17/12/2018)

Here we are again, the night before Christmas and Darebin Council are making critical decisions about Preston Market.  At the Darebin Council Meeting last night despite submissions from DADA, Save our Preston Market, The Darebin Progress Association, Darebin Ratepayers ... [Continue Reading]

Heritage Listing for Preston Market: Submission Details Update

Did you know that Preston Market could be heritage listed? DADA has triggered a Heritage Council hearing to present more information on the significance of the market to the state. You can help make the Victorian Heritage listing happen. Every submission proves ... [Continue Reading]

Blog 26: The ‘Real’ Planning and Development Process in Darebin

The ‘Real’ Planning and Development Process in Darebin The developer submits to council an ambit claim planning proposal eg. The plans are for 6 units on a single block but they really just want to build 3. (not seen by Councilors or the community) An ambit claim ... [Continue Reading]

Blog 25: What is the housing demand in Darebin?

We like a bit of a challenge at DADA, to say the least.  So when challenged this week to check where demand for housing meets availability I did some research. DADA has been making the claim for many years that there is an oversupply of one and two bedroom apartments ... [Continue Reading]

Blog 24 : Vancouver slaps $10,000 a year tax on empty homes. Lie about it and it’s $10,000 a day

This  article was in the Bloomberg News. If they can do this in Vancouver why not here in Darebin??? Natalie Obiko Pearson, Bloomberg News Thursday, Nov. 10, 2016 The measure is among efforts to make housing more accessible and affordable in Vancouver, ... [Continue Reading]