Meeting notes 16 October 2018

Please find the latest meeting notes for our meeting of 16 October here:DADA Meeting notes 161018 ... [Continue Reading]

Meeting notes 11 September 2018

Please find here the meeting notes of our meeting on 11 September 2018DADA Meeting Notes 110918 ... [Continue Reading]

Meeting notes from 14 August 2018

Please find meeting notes here from our last meeting on 14 August 2018.DADA Meeting notes 140818 ... [Continue Reading]

Meeting notes from 17 July 2018

Please find here meeting notes from our meeting on 17 July 2018. DADA Meeting notes 170718 ... [Continue Reading]

Meeting notes from 19 June 2018

Please find here meeting notes from our 19 June meeting.DADA Meeting notes 190618 ... [Continue Reading]

Meeting notes from 8 May

Please find here meeting notes for 8 May 2018.DADA Meeting notes 080518 ... [Continue Reading]

Next DADA meeting change in time and location

The 17 April DADA meeting is cancelled. Next DADA meetings for May and June, Tuesday 8 May 7:30pm and Tuesday 12 June at 7pm at 33 Flett St Preston. Please RSVP if you are able to attend. ... [Continue Reading]

Meeting Notes

See DADA Meeting Notes for 13 March 2018 here:DADA Meeting notes 130318 DADA Meeting notes 130318 ... [Continue Reading]

Next Meeting

The next DADA meeting is on Tuesday 17 April 2018, 7pm, 572 Plenty Rd, Preston (Corner of Josephine Grove). Please RSVP to if you intend coming or would like your attendance recorded. ... [Continue Reading]

DADA Meeting Notes 13 February 2018

See meeting notes here: DADA Meeting notes 130218 ... [Continue Reading]