Meeting Notes: 12th December, 2017

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AGM Special Executive Meeting: 9 November 2017

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AGM Meeting Notes: 31 October 2017

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Meeting Notes: 10th October, 2017

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DADA Meeting Notes; 12th of September 2017

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DADA Meeting Notes; July 18th 2017

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Meeting Notes: 13th of June 2017

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DADA Meeting in May

All welcome at the next DADA meeting, 7pm, Tuesday May 9th at 572 Plenty Road, Preston (Corner of Josephine Grove).   ... [Continue Reading]

Meeting Notes: March 14, 2017

Dear DADA Folk, Please find attached the notes from the last DADA meeting for your enjoyment. DADA notes 14032017 final Also, you may be interested in asking questions at council meetings.  You don't even have to be physically present.  You can email your question ... [Continue Reading]

Meeting Notes: 13th February 2017

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