Save our Preston Market

This is a photograph is of what the market precinct will look like if stages 1B and 1C go ahead.  It will never be the same again. Please help us save it.     ... [Continue Reading]

Save our Preston Market

The following flyer was designed by Jo Shaw.  Thank you Jo for sharing. She has said we are welcome to use it. Posted here in a number of formats to make it easy for you to print and letterbox, email to friends and family or laminate and post on your front fence ... [Continue Reading]

Next DADA Meeting

The next DADA meeting is on Tuesday the 8th of March at 7pm, 33 Dean Street, PRESTON. You are welcome to attend to discuss planning issues in Darebin and what we can do about them.   ... [Continue Reading]

20 Reasons to Hate “Urban Renewal”

They call it ‘Urban Renewal.’ The politicians love it, developers love it, foreign investors love it, my average neighbour doesn’t really want to know about it, but I hate it. And here are a few reasons why… 20 REASONS I HATE ‘URBAN RENEWAL’ Urban ... [Continue Reading]

Meeting | Minister for Planning, Richard Wynne

Dear DADA Folk, I have been invited to a meeting with the Minister for Planning, Richard Wynne on July 7th.  As this is a day before our next DADA meeting on July 8th, I am seeking endorsement and ideas about what I should say to make best use the little time I will  ... [Continue Reading]

Alphington Station News

Congratulations to the Alphington group on this one!! On Thursday, 18 June 2015, 19:27, Marion Gray wrote: Dear Alphington Station Action Group members, GREAT NEWS!!! THERE WILL BE NO DEVELOPMENT AT ALPHINGTON STATION! See the email to us from Fiona ... [Continue Reading]

Ammendment C152

Dear DADA folk, At the Council Meeting, Monday 15th June, last, council unanimously supported the new planning and zoning schedule C157. You can look at what was said on the archived minutes but more importantly take a look at Item 8.1 from the agenda for that ... [Continue Reading]

The forgotten people, Victoria’s 1 million renters

Dear DADA folk, Here is a link to an article in today's age highlighting the plight of renters in our state. The over-development of our city is reducing the availability of affordable housing despite what the developers would like us to believe. Please think ... [Continue Reading]

Rezoning wash up for Darebin, only 10% NRZ!!

Here it is folks! At last somebody is willing to tell us the wash up for Darebin of the state government rezoning. According to The Age article today only 10% NRZ!!! Much worse than even I predicted. Only 10% of our suburban streets protected under the ... [Continue Reading]

New Residential Zones | Amendment C144

Dear DADA Folk, Below is the latest information on the planned changes to zoning in Darebin. Another round of submissions are being called for. Not enough of our streets are protected from over-development with only around 36% in the NRZ. If you are tired of fighting ... [Continue Reading]