On Advertising: Weekly lists, 10th and 17th of May, 2019

DAREBIN_overdevelopments_on_advertising_2019_05_10Download DAREBIN_overdevelopments_on_advertising_2019_05_17Download Check to see if there are over-developments planned for your neighbourhood. Contact DADA if you would like help with objecting to ... [Continue Reading]

On Advertising: 5th,12th and 26th of May 2019

DAREBIN_overdevelopments_on_advertising_2019_04_05Download DAREBIN_overdevelopments_on_advertising_2019_04_12Download DAREBIN_overdevelopments_on_advertising_2019_04_26Download If you would like some help objecting to any of the over developments listed above ... [Continue Reading]

On Advertising: Weekly lists for 9th to 29th of March 2019

If you are looking for details of an overdevelopment at a site near you check the lists below.  If you would like help to complete an objection form contact DADA via our contact page on this ... [Continue Reading]

On Advertising: 22nd of Feb and 1st of March 2019

Check to see if there are over-developments planned for your neighbourhood. Contact DADA if you would like help with objecting to over-developments. DAREBIN_overdevelopments_on_advertising_2019_02_22 DAREBIN_overdevelopments_on_advertising_2019_03_01 ... [Continue Reading]

On Advertising: Over-developments advertised in the weeks of the 7th and 15th of Feb, 2019

If you would like help with objecting to an over-development please contact DADA via this website. DAREBIN_overdevelopments_on_advertising_2018_02_07 DAREBIN_overdevelopments_on_advertising_2019_02_15 ... [Continue Reading]

What Doesn’t Work, Why?

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On Advertising: Weekly Lists for January 25th and February 1st, 2019

Check the attached document to see if there are over- developments planned for your neighbourhood. Contact DADA for help if with objecting to an over-development. DAREBIN_PLANNING_on_advertising_2019_01_25 DAREBIN_overdevelopments_on_advertising_2019_02_01 ... [Continue Reading]

What Works, Why?

Borneo Sporenburg in Amsterdam where high density doesn't mean high rise. The buildings are unique and built by different owners/developers, St Killda Junction, where high rise is not just grey and white. The cantilevered floors break up sheer visual mass.  ... [Continue Reading]

Heritage Council of Victoria: The Executive Director’s Recommendation

We should have posted these earlier so that you can read what the Executive Director recommended. ED RECOMMENDATION - PRESTON MARKET - NOT INCLUDE - FINAL ... [Continue Reading]

Objection: 655 Plenty Road, PRESTON

neighbours_d_302_2017_655_plenty_rd objection_d_302_2017_655_plenty_rd_preston plans_d_302_2017_655_plenty_rd Number     D/302/2017 Location     655 Plenty Road PRESTON VIC 3072 Description    Development of a five storey building comprising four (4) apartments, ... [Continue Reading]