Objection: 296 Plenty Road PRESTON



Number    D/955/2017
Date        20/12/2017 8:03:22 PM
Location     296 Plenty Road PRESTON VIC 3072
Description    Construction of buildings and works in association with a 6-storey mixed-use development comprising 57 dwellings and 3 shop tenancies, use of land for dwellings, reduction in the statutory car park requirement; alternation of access to a road in a Road Zone Category 1, as shown on the plans accompanying the application.
Officer        Deniz Yener-Korematsu
Type         Mixed Use Development

WHO             mhl property group & chamberlain architects collingwood
land size    1626 sq m see http://gis.darebin.org/ https://www.google.com.au/maps

Summary    replace warehouse with 3 shops (297+108+213 sq m)
& 57 apartments (15x 1bed +  34x2bed + 8x 3 bed)
L6:  shared space
L4 & L5:  3x 1 bed + 5x 2bed + 2x 3bed
L1 –  L3:  3x 1 bed + 7x 2bed + 1x 3bed
GND:       9x 1 bed + 3x 2bed + 1x 3bed + 3 shops + bins
B1&B2: 76 parking spaces, with no loading bay

Apartment design follows 7 styles with internal amenity, storage, SPOS etc just adequate.
Inadequate parking (details below). Query energy efficiency and insulation against traffic noise.
But this is another ambit claim that maximises dwelling yield at the expense of…
1. These are not garden apartments, instead providing ZERO green space (should be 10% = 162 sq with 1 large or 2 small trees) and ZERO permeable surfaces[58.03-5. 58.03-8]
2. No loading bay or bins for x3 shops [52.07, 93.11].
3. Access to under ground car park for 81 vehicles is via single carriage lane way and/or driving on the wrong side of Combie street. [58.03-6] Query access functionality and circulation impact for neighbourhood
4. Claims disability compliant apts (x10 1 bed, x28 2 bed) yet provides just one small elevator to service 57 apartments across 6 le vels  [58.05-1]. Is this reasonable?
5. Difficult waste management (chutes, small waste room, no loading bay for the truck etc) [58.06-3]
6. Rear set back touches the 45 degree limit [58.04-1]
7. Walls on boundaries limit development for adjacent plenty rd sites. [55.04-2]

8. Parking http://planningschemes.dpcd.vic.gov.au/schemes/vpps/52_06.pdf
rules; 1 space to each 1 or 2 bed dwelling, 2 spaces for 3+ bed
1 visitor space each 5 dwellings,  shops need loading bay, and 5 parking spaces
requires 15+34+8×2+11+5 = 81 spaces, plans show 76 spaces