Objection: 136 Wood Street PRESTON

See full details here: Objection to D_265_2017 136 Wood Street PRESTON
Number	D/265/2017
Location	136 Wood Street PRESTON VIC 3072
Date		12/04/2017 12:00:00 AM
Description     Construction of a medium density development consisting of three (3) dwellings and a shop to the front of an existing two (2) dwelling development and a reduction to the car parking requirement as shown on the plans accompanying the application.
Officer		Ann Taylor
Type		Mixed Use Development

WHO	    	feras al assad
land size	644 sq m see http://gis.darebin.org/ https://www.google.com.au/maps

Summary	Has planning approval for 2x 2 bed double storey dwellings behind a family home.
		Now replace the front yard with small "retail shop" (78.3 sq m) as platform for
		raised 2 bed dwelling, and demolish the family home for another 2x 2 bed dwellings.
		Relies on small living spaces as open plan kitchen-meals-lounge (KML) 		
		L1:  2 bed (U1), 1 bed + KML (U2, U3), 2 bed (U4), KML (U5)
		GND: "shop" (under U1) 1 bed (U2, U3), KML (U4), 2 bed (U5)
		P: single garage (U1, U4, U5)  shared double car space (U2, U3).
		Reduces the street set back to zero. Balconies over look each other and neighbours
		Ignores minimum requirements for gardens, permeable areas, & landscaping
		Buildings (69%), driveways (20%), permeable area (11%)
		Insufficient SPOS and external storage space for all dwellings
		Multiple examples of non-enforcement of local and state planning regulations
		maximising the dwelling yeild at minumum quality for SITE OVERDEVELOPMENT 

Parking	http://planningschemes.dpcd.vic.gov.au/schemes/vpps/52_06.pdf
		rules; 1 spaces to each 1 or 2 bed dwelling, 1 visitor space to 5 dwellings
		requires 5+1=6 spaces, and plans show 5 spaces, INSUFFICIENT PARKING

(1) objection form first page, top half, add your name and contact details with
    "phone number=WITH HELD, communication from the developer is to be in writing " 
(2) Remove any objections from the proforma that do not specifically apply
(3) Add you own unique objections.  Keep them general and brief.
(4) last page, lower section, add your name or signature and todays date
(5) Send to Darebin town planning by email, fax, mail or in person
        Post to: PO BOX 91 Preston 3072
        Fax 8470 8877 ATTENTION: TOWN PLANNING
        email: townplanning@darebin.vic.gov.au

(1) Print and or photocopy multiples of the resident letter (above), plans and objection form.
also available here http://www.darebinada.org/category/objections
(2) Walk surrounding streets.  If you knock on doors you can discuss the proposal and get neighbours to sign the objection on the spot.  Alternatively you can drop the information in their letterbox and follow up with a visit later.
(3) Send to Darebin town planning by email, fax, mail or in person
Post to: PO BOX 91 Preston 3072. Fax 8470 8877 ATTENTION: TOWN PLANNING

email: townplanning@darebin.vic.gov.au
subject: Objection to D/265/2017 136 Wood Street PRESTON VIC 3072
Dear Darebin Planning 
Find attached an objection to your planning proposal.