Save Preston’s Highest Tree

Saving Preston’s Highest Tree at 48 Murphy Grove from Kang Investments

1923 (we believe)    –    Lemon scented gum tree planted on extreme back border of 48 Murphy Grove and grows to become Preston’s highest tree (as is our area’s tallest tree on top of Preston’s highest hill).  Arborists report states that it is in good health, fair in structure and would be significant to local fauna.
December 2009    –    Kang Investments buys deceased estate (extremely well maintained weatherboard house)
5 October 2010    –    Ken Kang makes application for 4 units (2 double storey)
27 April 2011    –    Darebin Council rejects planning permit
28 February 2012    –    VCAT rejects planning permit
March 2012    –    Ken Kang refuses Department of Justice’s invite to enter mediation to build 3 units and save the tree
1 April 2012    –    Community holds rally to save the tree only to discover that an attempt has been made to poison it.  Water, bio-char and wound dressings save the tree from this shameful act.  Tree sitting platform installed.
31 May 2012    –    Tree choppers defeated by community members occupying the tree and standing beneath it
7 June 2012    –    Tree choppers and police arrive but choppers defeated by community members standing beneath the tree.  Police tell Ken Kang to go to mediation.
6 July 2012    –    Mediation through the Department of Justice fails as Ken Kang refuses to even consider how the tree could be incorporated into a 3 unit development.
He avows to cut the tree down.
27 July 2012    –    Jacks Trees announces that they will be cutting the tree down
29 July 2012    –    National Tree Day.  Much online protest results in Jack’s Trees saying they have only been asked to quote the job
10 August 2012    –    Tree choppers and police arrive but choppers defeated by community members occupying the tree and standing beneath it. 
Ken Kang returns to cut the rope ladder to the platform but is foiled.
13 August 2012    –    Sneak attack on tree removes our rope ladder and platform
14 August 2012    –    Tree choppers and police arrive but once again choppers defeated by community members occupying a 6 metre scaffold nestled in the branches

It has literally been woman, children and senior citizens who have repelled every attempt to cut the tree down.  In the last attempt the tree choppers were intimidating us. 
Though we now have our community scaffolding erected, a quick surprise attack could substantially destroy the tree within an hour.

Enough of Ken Kang snapping his fingers and police doing his beckoning! – see photo
Ken Kang should spend some of his own money and take us to court to get an injunction to force us to move from our own property while the tree gets cut down. 
At least that way he and the tree choppers will do it in the full glare of whatever publicity we can muster rather than through his shameful sneaky tactics with the police in tow.
Please contact Preston Police 9479 6111 and tell them to tell Ken Kang to get an injunction!
Occupational Health and Safety Act 2004 – Part 1 Clause 2 (1) c
“The objects of this Act are to ensure that the health and safety of members of the public is not placed at risk by the conduct of undertakings by employers and self-employed persons”

WorkSafe refuses to attend saying that we should protest from a safe distance.  As the tree choppers dangle above us with their chainsaws, they tell us that WorkSafe doesn’t matter – see photo 

No!  Why should WorkSafe be supporting Ken Kang?  We are members of the public exercising our legitimate right of protest!
Please contact WorkSafe ( or phone 1800 136 089 (toll free) and tell them to tell Ken Kang to do the job safely!