Minister Guy Zoning Question Letters

Dear DADA folk,

Thanks to all of you who made a submission on rezoning.  I am still concerned that Darebin Council will not move to protect our loved neighbourhoods from over-development.

I think a next step is to alert the Planning Minister, Matthew Guy to our concerns and ask him to not sign off on the Darebin proposal unless it includes at least 50% coverage of the Neightbourhood Residential Zone (NRZ).  This is best done individually though I will also send a letter from DADA and am planning a meeting with the Minister on May 13th.

I have attached 2 letters and am asking that you simply, print sign and post to the minister.  If you prefer, use them as a starting point and add your own concerns.  Alternatively, you can add your digital signature and email to

Thanks to Laara and Chris for their editing and input.

If you send off a letter before the May 13th meeting date it will add weight to my direct request.

You support is much appreciated.



Email + Post

The word is Minister Guy gets so many emails, they are hardly read and we will have more impact by posting a letter to the Spring Street address.

If you can afford the print and postage please consider doing that as well as sending an email.