Council Decision on Preston Market and Penola Street Development Proposals

Dear DADA folk,

A fantastic decision at the Darebin Council meeting last night to refuse unanimously both planning applications for Stage 1B and 1C of the Preston Market redevelopment and the planning proposal for the social housing development at Penola Street.

Councillor Greco posed motions against the market development plans and added a further motion to request support of our state and federal representatives.  We thank him for his unflagging support of the community to save the market.

Many residents attended in support and ask questions regarding the proposals during question time.  Objector representatives were not able to give a verbal submission to the stage 1B proposal.

You can watch the proceedings here:

Question time starts around 10 minutes in and the debate starts on the Penola Street proposal after that and then Preston Market after that.

Our sincere thanks must go to Lori-anne Sharpe, Save our Preston Market group and Chris Erlandsen, DADA President for their tireless efforts in bringing about the result and for their stellar presentations, under difficult circumstances, at the meeting.

Also a big thanks to those of your who attended last night and to all who objected.  Around 700 objections is significant and made a difference to the final decision.  the high number of objectors will also support a future VCAT case.

Lastly, thanks to all the Councillors who were there and voted on block to refuse the applications.  Their support under the pressure is much appreciated.

Have a great day.  Tomorrow work begins for the next stage of the battle to save the market from the ravages of over and inappropriate development.

Cheers, Maria