Meeting Notes: 8th December 2015

Dear DADA Folk, We made many decisions at the DADA meeting last night to allow incorporation. The notes are attached. Also, a reminder of the two State lead community consultations. Your Community You Council; a review of local council governance. You can make ... [Continue Reading]

Meeting Notes: 3rd June, 2015

Dear DADA folk, We were missing some regulars at last nights meeting but it was great that two new faces joined us. Here is what was discussed and what we thought we should do about it. Stay warm, Maria DADA 20150603-DADA-notes Meeting Notes: 3rd of June, ... [Continue Reading]

Meeting Notes: April 9, 2014

Meeting Notes: April 9, 2014 Present: Laara Eames, Marion Coffey, Keith Coffey, Maria Poletti, Chris Erlandson, Nick McCubbin, Stuart Midgley Apologies: Sally Mendes, Craig Walters, James Dawson 1. Business Arising: a. Ask for a report of the expenditure of the ... [Continue Reading]

Meeting Notes: January 12, 2014

Dear DADA folk, We had a long 1st meeting of the year. The notes are attached. (below) On Thursday 3 DADA reps meet with The Mayor and 2 council officers to discuss ways of improving Planning Committee governance. My notes are attached. Happy reading, send ... [Continue Reading]