Meeting Notes: April 9, 2014

Meeting Notes: April 9, 2014 Present: Laara Eames, Marion Coffey, Keith Coffey, Maria Poletti, Chris Erlandson, Nick McCubbin, Stuart Midgley Apologies: Sally Mendes, Craig Walters, James Dawson
1. Business Arising:
a. Ask for a report of the expenditure of the developers contribution levy.
Action: Bo will ask a question at council.
b. VCAT has approved the Grandview application for pokies. Susan suggested a study on what happens to the local shops and impact on neighborhood character.
Action: Susan to talk to Bo Li
c. Action: Craig, Robin Scott letter to ask question in parliament.
d. Action: Maria to draft a letter asking councilors to ensure that our third party objector rights are not removed in the schedules.
Action: put it to Darren Rudd Action: ask Ian Wood for his model
e. Action: Reminder to push for a much better planning register. When budget time comes up we should go in and bat on behalf of the planning department.
f. Planning Panels Victoria, Darebin Planning Scheme Amendments C136, C137, C138.
Action: Ask Darren Rudd about the New Zoning Committee and can we have representation Action: Ask to be sent a copy of the Panel’s report as early as possible. Maria Action: Attach copies of DADA member presentations. Action: Check the new draft zone map and see if your street is protected under the NRZ
g. Darebin Planning Dept’s proposed Governance Charter.
Action: for Maria to follow up on research.
2. New Business:
a. Amendment C144 new zones
Discussion of high density developments along Plenty and St Georges, the new zoning doesn’t quite fit the existing land use along these major corridors. Talk to panels to say we aren’t happy but also talk to councilors. Action: Maria to send out link and something written for people to make submissions. Keep them simple and remember that you will get a chance to talk to a panel and can elaborate in detail then.
b. DADA signs, Officeworks will print and laminate to big sizes.
c. Minister Guy letter on new zones,
Action: Maria to add in Chris’s suggestion. Send out to network to sign and send to the minister.
d. Planning Panels direction to Darebin council, passed around meeting recommendation.
e. Trees, signs on trees in Carlton gardens showing their cost value over life-time,
Action: Maria to do same for street trees. Council asking for help from community members to plant street trees.
f. Asbestos still a huge issue in Darebin with development and renovations putting people who live in the neighbourhood at risk. Council and Worksafe need to be rung if you think there is a problem. The rule is that if you don’t know if it is asbestos you treat it as if it is. Best don’t go near it if you can help it.
Action: Keith to local paper.
3. Correspondence:
a. Stuart Midgley: Photos of more poor quality developments in Darebin (the ones that got
away!) Strange brick work on Albert Road, rendering over poor brick work to conceal it.
b. James Dawson: submission on C144
c. Jeanette McCarthy new email address
d. Mary Drost: planning panel feedback to those councils who have asked for high NRZ rates
e. Mary Drost: significant tree register
f. Rudi Anders: Planning Panel presentation, to be sent out with notes.
g. Paula Venter: Generous offer of support for objectors
h. Mara Manfrin, sale of house at 26 Kitchener Grove, and an email about buying Birdseye
and Edgell food for distribution – sent sign designs. Decision not to forward network
anything that doesn’t relate to development issues.
i. Forwarded from Sally Mendes – No DADA follow up
Just wondering if anyone at TD has been involved in the St George’s Rd planning scheme process. I am really
happy with the work council has done towards incorporating sustainability into our precinct (Oakover village)
development plan overlay, and am now trying to pull together people who are interested in pushing for a
sustainability and social justice charter (or other such mechanisms) for the area … addressing not just new
developments, but also existing communities and streetscapes.
You’re welcome to pass on my contact details to anyone who’s interested.
Elizabeth Wheeler
0425 763 677
j. Laara Eames, on the Darebin Directory listing for DADA,
Action: Maria to ask Brian if he knows, ask if there can be a link from planning.
4. Council Report:
Notification of new process for amendments.
5. Other:
6. Objector Updates:
a. 22 Sylvester Grove, Preston, please sign objection forms
b. 96 Cheddar Road, sold again, still concerned about bulldozing for a major development
7. Strategy Ideas;
a. Presenting Council with a bill for work done by objectors that should have been covered by
planning department
b. DADA on-line petition and in hard copy, Maria to send Nola a hard copy for printing as well as
developing the on-line petition.
8. Next Meeting: 7.00pm, Wednesday, April 30thth at 33 Dean Street, Preston. Main discussion on
rezoning panel presentations.