Meeting Notes: 8th December 2015

Dear DADA Folk,
We made many decisions at the DADA meeting last night to allow incorporation.

The notes are attached.
Also, a reminder of the two State lead community consultations.

  1. Your Community You Council; a review of local council governance.
    You can make a written response at
    A meeting is planned for this consultation on Wednesday the 16th of December at the Preston Shire Hall at 5.30 pm.
    It would be great if you can be there to have your say.
  2. Plan Melbourne Refresh: A review of the recent rezoning which left us with only 11% Neighbourhood Residential Zone protection against overdevelopment.
    Follow the link: to have your say.
    Cheers, Maria

Darebin Appropriate Development Association
Meeting Notes: 8th of December, 2015, AGM

Present: Marion Coffey, Keith Coffey, Chris Erlandsen, Maria Poletti, Meryl Waugh, Mandy Baird, Craig Walters, Sally Mendes Apologies: Stewart Midgley

1. Membership:
a. At least 5 members. Members have to submit in writing. Circulated membership form.
b. Annual subscription and fee on joining agreed at $10 for first year and we will review next year.
c. Date for payment of the annual subscription was set to be by the next AGM.
d. Decided DADA would not have associate members
e. The Secretary must keep and maintain a register of members.
f. The register will include for each former member, the date of ceasing to be a member. Members will have one year grace. Membership to be paid before the next AGM.

2. AGM is to be the October meeting each year.

3. Composition of Committee, The Committee consists of— a President; Chris Erlandsen elected unopposed a Vice-President; Mandy Baird elected unopposed a Secretary; Maria Poletti elected unopposed an Assistant Secretary; Meryl Waugh elected unopposed a Treasurer; Craig Walters elected unopposed

4. Registered address;
The registered address of the Association is— 1/17 Murphy Grove, PRESTON, 3072.

5. Purpose: The DADA charter is our Statement of Purpose. See the DADA website.

6. New DADA Logo:
The Current Logo is shown at the top of the minutes. Redesigned the DADA logo to be more reflective of the DADA community. This will be used when DADA is incorporated in 2016.

7. Objector Updates:
a. 137 Mansfield Street, 2nd day in VCAT, Member said she will visit the site and that we will all be invited to attend. No word yet of the visit date. Expect a decision in January. Member put a time limit on objectors to ask questions of expert witness. The member would not accept the number of objectors. James Livingston acting for Council asked only one question of the first expert witness. Action: Meryl to write to Darren Rudd after DADA is incorporated regarding the work of the council representative. The letter will have DADA imprimatur.
b. 108 Wood Street, going to VCAT, Action: All to send in statement of grounds
c. Smorgies; parties have been asked to agree to more amendments to the VCAT ruling. This is a process through VCAT. Some parties have stated they will only agree if there are no more amendments to the planning proposal.

8. Other:
a. From Masha: Notes in the plans for 24 Leamington that some dwellings could be easily turned from a 2 to 3 bedroom with the replacement of a wall. She suggests objectors discuss with council a section 173 agreement on title that states it can only be a 2 bedroom dwelling.
b. Discussed how Darebin counts the number of objectors and how there are variations of numbers.
c. Maria found a variation in the Planning Committee minutes. Action: Maria to write to the CEO and CC Councilors after checking with Robert Phillips as to how this can happen.
d. Sally suggested we go to town planner courses and ask if final year students will do pro-bono work on behalf of objectors. Action: Sally
9. Planning Alerts
This month’s list: 24 Leamington St Reservoir 742-752 High St Preston 131 Plenty Rd 10 Symons St Preston 534 Plenty Rd Preston 105 Wood St Preston 501-3 Plenty Rd 109 Wood St Preston And a fantastic comment by Craig alerting objectors to the DADA meeting and website. Action: Develop a set statement for planning alerts. ‘If you would like some help with objecting to this planning application come to the next DADA meeting on …. At 33 Dean Street, Preston or go to the DADA website

Next Meeting: 7.00pm, Tuesday, February 9th, at 33 Dean Street, Preston | Here

All the very best from DADA to you and your loved ones for a safe and happy festive season.