Meeting Notes: 3rd June, 2015

Dear DADA folk,
We were missing some regulars at last nights meeting but it was great that two new faces joined us.
Here is what was discussed and what we thought we should do about it.
Stay warm, Maria

Meeting Notes: 3rd of June, 2015

Present: Marion Coffey, Keith Coffey, Maria Poletti, Craig Walters, Mandy Baird, Kelly Wickham, John Gunson Apologies: Lina Mastroianni, Sally Mendes, Laara Eames, Chris Erlandson, Stewart Midgley

1. Business Arising:
a. New Zoning wash-up: Meeting with Robin Scott on 27th Feb. Chris, Craig and Maria attended. We asked him to organize a meeting with the Planning Minister, Richard Wynne. Discuss acting to organize a meeting with the Minister.
b. Golden Guys seem a popular idea but not at the moment, perhaps another time. Chris has suggested we go to council with the idea of an award for best sustainability practice Action: Chris to research other councils and bring back ideas to us to then take to council. Scrap book idea for DADA web site where people can send in photos of poor development, before and after shots, basic details like address, developers names, details of faults, what is planned.etc. Action: Maria
c. Council flooded with planning applications; Action: Nola sending a further letter asking for some clarification of money collected and spent. Action: Maria to seek out FOI process.
d. Question to council about developers recycling as many materials as possible. We will begin to talk and form more ideas on the quality of demolition as well as the quality of the build. Action: Craig will formulate and ask questions at a council meeting.
e. For the Blog, before and after photos, Gone but not forgotten, RIP houses, Action: Craig to send photos to Maria.
f. Discussed other city councils plan for buying up houses to eventually convert into public open space. Action: Maria to do more research to bring back to the meeting. Stonnington Council
g. Preston Market: Action: Craig to look at special meeting video and bring back to next meeting. Salter Group are the developers. Ask questions to Council regarding the discussions with the minister about Preston Market.
h. Planning Officers have prepared a plan with approx 88% protection under 3 zones. The 88% includes 62 % of NRZ 1 and NRZ 2. Action: Attend Council meeting and ask what does the new map look like and when will it be public for comment? What is the process for consultation? Next council meeting Monday night 18th of May, 7pm. Chris and Maria, Keith and Mandy. Always ask for a written reply. Please explain the difference between NRZ 1 and 2? Awaiting written replies to questions. Maria received a reply day of meeting and circulated.
i. 748 to 750 Plenty Road, 4 stories, 22 apartments with some at 40 square metres. Action: Mandy to keep an eye on it.

2.New Business:
a. Community Consultation in the development process – are there any precedents for making this compulsory? Kelly suggested a community consultation process where developers have to meet with the community in consultation before the planning application is submitted. Action: Kelly and Maria to work on basics of a community consultation process to bring back to meeting and to go to council.

3.Council Report:

a. Sale of 1/46 Murphy Grove; three bedroom sold for $905,000. This is proof that money can be made from high quality, three bedroom, design in development.
b. Chris has had an invitation from Council to make a verbal submission in the budget process on the water strategy. He is including development issues in his submission.

a. Age article about the new apartment guidelines pushing up the prices of housing.

6. Objector Updates:
a. What to do about the 470 High Street development – while it’s still going through the approvals process, workmen have been on-site undertaking preliminary works (are any developments fully stopped?) on an assessment of compaction. In mediation, last month, Action: Kelly to follow up with council planner on the mediation outcome.
b. 60 Mansfield Street went to VCAT on Monday 1st of June. Waiting to hear.
c. 136-138 Plenty Rd and 37 Flett St heard at Planning Meeting on Monday night, only had notification on Friday prior. Identified 18 non-compliances with clause 55.
d. 672 Plenty Road, revised plans adding a story making it 4 at front, 5 at back, Action: Mandy and neighbours will send new objections on the amended plans.

7. Planning Alerts:
a. 376 Bell Street; Maria added comments on-line and has had a response from council officer indicating they would be treated as an objection. Faster process than filling out an objection form; waiting to see if it can/will carry to VCAT.
b. 70 Tyler Street, from Stewart; 107 dwellings = 44 (as 4 storey apts with 1 to 2 bedrooms) + 63 as 2 storey units. Some open space; parking spaces = TBD 50 x 3 (THREE) bed units 11 x 4 (FOUR) bed units all 4 bed apts have 2 car space, 37 of the 3 bed apts have 2 car spaces (as they should), remaining 13 have only 1. Instead we have (a) some open space plus (b) near 50% of the dwellings have more than 2 bed rooms! We could be writing letters of praise for this one.

8. Strategy Ideas 2015

Next Meeting: 7.00pm, Wednesday, July 8th at 33 Dean Street, Preston.